Parent Participation



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Parent Participation/Co-oping


What is Co-oping?

Co-oping:  Exchanging work for a reduction in tuition costs for your child.

Co-oping has always been at the forefront of the opportunities that we offer to encourage family involvement.  Co-oping allows the parents to be involved in their children’s care on a regular basis.  By working in the classroom, family members, immediate and extended, contribute their special skills to our community, opening a completely new range of expertise to the children. Any skill that a parent or extended family member has that will benefit the center is always welcome. Working in the classroom, reading a story to your child and some of her/his friends lets your child know that the Co-op is an extension of their own family home. The co-oping parents’ own parenting skills are enhanced through the observation of the diverse care giving styles of the other parents and staff.  By playing and working at the Co-op, parents know their child’s caregivers and daily life.  Parents, children and staff all share a sense of ownership and empowerment through participation.  Each voice is valued.

Parents receive a tuition credit for co-oping in the center (see Discounts and Credits under Financial section)

Who can co-op?

 Parents and extended family members can co-op to reduce tuition costs.  Parents and extended family members who work in the center when children are present or attend field trips must register with the Central Background Registry before co-oping.