Mission Statement

The Co-op Family Center provides affordable high quality education for children. Our community is a cooperative effort between families and center staff to raise happy, healthy and socially confident children.


The primary objectives of the Family Center are to:

  1. Provide affordable quality childcare;
  2. Involve parents in the care and education of their children;
  3. Improve parenting skills through Center-provided resources;
  4. Provide a model for the University, employers, and other interested groups as to the benefits of co-operative childcare; and
  5. Emphasize the family as the focus of childcare.


  1. Recognize that each child is a capable protagonist in their learning
  2.  Cultivate a community that is built on consistent, supportive relationships.
  3. Involve parents in the daily care and education of their children.
  4. Empower children to express themselves fully through many different mediums.
  5. Foster in children an awareness and appreciation of nature.