Mack Veltman

My name is Mack Veltman, and I was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. I studied journalism and public relations at the University of Oregon, and I’ve been a member of the Co-op Community since November, 2019, starting out as an Administrative Assistant. I work closely with the students, building schedules for them and the teachers during the term.

I was raised around the concepts of children’s rights and the importance of education. My mother, Margaret, made several big impacts on the field of early education, and one of my first jobs was working as a teacher Assistant at Moss Street Children’s Center (I was a child there myself). I’ve always been inspired to highlight the amazing work and the incredibly driven teachers as they lovingly care and guide the next generation of leaders, teachers, entertainers, doctors and so on. Through my work, I’ve focused on finding ways to connect education to journalism and public relations, whether that’s posting videos of the teachers reading and singing and crafting on social media or working with Tami on fundraisers and connecting with the greater community outside of the Co-op.