Enrollment Process

Admissions Policy
The Co-op Family Center is open for full time and part time schedules. Our program is open to everyone regardless of race, color, handicap, age, sex or national origin.

If you wish to apply to admit your child, please print and fill out the wait list application form and send it to the Co-op Family Center, 2250 Patterson Street, Eugene, Oregon  97405 or tami@coopfamilycenter.org.  541.346.7400. Wait-List-Application

Enrollment shall give priority in the following order: matriculated students of the University of Oregon who reside in Spencer View Family Housing, matriculated students at large of the University of Oregon, faculty and staff of The University of Oregon and community members if space is available.

Continuing Enrollment

All children enrolled, will be guaranteed continued enrollment as long as the family has University of Oregon student status. If a parent graduates or stops taking classes during the academic year and no longer have student status, the Co-op will be able to guarantee enrollment through the remainder of the academic year (June). At that time the Co-op may need to withdraw a non student family for an incoming student family.

Enrollment Process for Current Non-Student Families

Enrollment for the academic year for current non-student families will open on August 15th. At this time, we will begin offering the open spots to current non-student families. First priority will be given to siblings of children who will already have a spot in another classroom.  Then we will enter all interested families into a lottery for their child’s classroom. We will draw names and offer spots accordingly. After the spots are filled, the remaining families will be put on a waiting list and put at the top of the faculty and or community family waiting list.