Admissions Policy
The Co-op Family Center is open for full time and part time schedules. Our program is open to everyone regardless of race, color, handicap, age, sex or national origin.

If you wish to apply to admit your child, please print and fill out the wait list application form and send it to the Co-op Family Center, 2250 Patterson Street, Eugene, Oregon  97405 or tami@coopfamilycenter.org.  541.346.7400. Wait-List-Application

Enrollment shall give priority in the following order: matriculated students of the University of Oregon who reside in Spencer View Family Housing, matriculated students at large of the University of Oregon, faculty and staff of The University of Oregon and community members if space is available.

Schedule changes: In the event that you need to change your child’s schedule, please fill out a schedule change request in the office. As open blocks become available, first priority will be given to current families in the order the requests were received. Schedule changes must be approved before beginning.

Enrollment paperwork
The first step in enrollment is to complete the following paperwork:
– Parent contract with child’s schedules
– Information sheet
– Emergency sheet
– Immunization record
– Parent schedule (quarterly)
– Field trip form
– USDA form
– School Age arrival & Departure form (if applicable)
– Infant formula form (if applicable)
-Agreement form (to be done with staff member)

These forms provide important information regarding your child’s background, special needs and health, as well as where you can be reached in an emergency and who is permitted to pick up your child. You will be given these forms prior to your child’s first day of day care. ALL OF THE ABOVE FORMS MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE BEGINNING CARE IN ANY OF OUR PROGRAMS.

The second step in enrollment is to attend the mandatory parent orientation or meeting with your child’s teacher, which is offered before your child begins. The orientation takes about one hour and provides the opportunity for the staff to go over philosophy, parents and the Co-op responsibilities, and policy and procedures. It also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

Transition from class to class 
Within the Infant, Wobbler and Toddler classrooms transitions occur from one classroom to the next at the beginning of fall term. The class will move together along with their primary teacher. To continue the system Toddlers move as a class into the preschool at the beginning of fall term. In general most transitions happen in the fall, but children moving up into the Pre-K can move at the beginning of winter and Spring Term depending on space availability. Families moving from one program to another will also go though a class orientation so they feel comfortable with the new surroundings.

Withdrawal from Co-op Family Center
Withdrawing from the program requires a 30-day signed, written notice to the Co Director (Tami). Until we receive a 30-day notice, we will assume you are enrolled in the Co-op on a continuing basis. The first two weeks of initial enrollment are a trial period. You may withdraw without the thirty-day notice during this time period.

Dismissal Policy
The Co-op Family Center reserves the right to dismiss a child and/or family for reasons of non-cooperation, delinquency in payment of fees, or inability of the child or parent to adjust to the Co-op programs.