1Amazon Coop 1978 1996   1Co-op 1996 present

In 1978, The Co-op Family Center (formerly known as Amazon Co-op) started as a true cooperative in which student families traded time in order to support their childcare needs. There were 10 families involved with the Co-op during that first year. In 1984, Amazon Co-op hired a director and a full-time teacher. At this time, the Co-op was one classroom of 24 children between 2-5 years. Parents worked extensively in the classroom and in the kitchen. Co-oping was not mandatory, but parents received a tuition credit for time spent co-oping in the classroom.

The Co-op grew to include kindergarten and school age classrooms and eventually an infant/toddler program in 1994. The Co-op at this time had a director, five full time teachers and many work study students from the University of Oregon working in in the classroom.

In 1996, the Amazon Co-op moved into a new building in the Spencer View Housing and became the Co-op Family Center. The Co-op Family Center grew to provide six classrooms between infant and school-age, serving 100 children and 60 families a year. The Co-op now employs an executive director, a pedagogical coordinator, a kitchen coordinator, an administrative associate, ten lead teachers and fifty University of Oregon students. Since the spring of 2001 the Co-op Family Center has been a contracted program with the University of Oregon to continue its mission of providing child care for University of Oregon students, faculty and staff.