Imani Nero

I just wanted to introduce myself as one of the Co-Leads in the Juniper room, my name is Imani Nero and I have been at the Co-op for almost a year now! I have been teaching for about five years in total from being a Substitute Teacher in Elementary schools back in Pennsylvania, to teaching a variety of ages while living abroad in South East Asia for a few years. When I moved back to America I started my Early Childhood teaching journey! I have been in mostly Pre-School, Pre Kindergarten and Infant Classrooms with a heavy sprinkle of all ages in between. The PreSchool age group holds a special place in my heart especially at the Co-op. I started at the Co-op as a Floater and worked with every room at the Co-op with all of the individual needs of each room.

Being a floater before becoming a lead in a consistent room was not only a magical experience but also gave me an opportunity to get to know all of the families and most importantly the children in each family. During the end of the Spring term last year I was in the PreSchool room working with that group of children and families. So The Co-op’s view of the PreSchool experience was just what I was looking for. When I became a lead and found out that I would be in the PreSchool room with Anna I was filled with excitement for the upcoming year and this group of new preschoolers and learning what they love and what makes them excited for the day. Which can be new everyday or a continued provocation that we are working on or with. This age is filled with wonder and excitement for all things and I am beyond excited to be a part of the journey with the Junipers.

With a daily renewed sense of wonder for all things,